WordPress And Its Features


Nowadays WordPress is the most sought framework for developing as well as designing portals and websites and due to this, it is growing at a higher rate.  Since the word press is a free and also open source technology, it is really becoming a rage to the web developers. The word press also contains some other outstanding features, for instance, it is easy to use and it is also easy to install in any kind of website or framework or even in any portal and this is why it is mostly preferred in web development as a requirement. Normally WordPress was primarily used like a blog platform and here anyone had freedom of posting and thus could post blogs, ideas, opinions as well as related information. With time, these  word press requirements and priorities changed and then web development developers at https://wptangerine.com/6-reasons-outsource-wordpress-support-service made a decision of using this kind of technology in fulfilling other purposes. WordPress is well known for themes  and through this it can give dynamic, intuitive as well as magnificent which can give encouraging as well as a new feel to the portal or web. It again provides a framework which normally customizes blogs, profiles and also e-commerce stores. The theme is thus much considered than a mere template  and it contains inbuilt plugins or functionalities and several features which do give a good feel and unique look towards the site. These features are as discussed below:

First feature is that the word press do support  search engine optimization specific features for instance site speed optimization and also content indexed. This has really helped users since the website is easily crawled and best ranked on the search engines available. It also has a responsive design. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnkqjcEoJg4 about wordpress.

 The word press themes do accommodate the features of a good and responsive web design and this do imply hassle-free viewing of the portal or website which is made possible to be viewed on tablet or mobile and it again ensures that the data available is not  lost easily. The other feature is widgets which is a feature which is extremely becoming very popular on sites of word press and these widgets  do provide  uniqueness and they again increase the website outlook. Mostly, these widgets are found placed in sidebars, footer or header. Know about WPTangerine here!

The other feature is customized feel and here WordPress contains sufficient custom features which can help in pulling up the website which does match the imagination. These features do help to adopt the desired color, font,image as well as background color.


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